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Mini-Review - CW Mandalorian Assault Transport

It’s time for a JediDefender mini-review by yours truly. This time, I’ll be looking at the 2011 Clone Wars Mandalorian Assault Transport.
Wow, where do I even start with this one?

Originally planned for the 2011 Class II vehicle line, this ship never made it to store shelves before the 2011 line-look was clearanced out to make way for the 2012 Movie Heroes Darth Maul packaging. That left a lot of collectors scrambling to get one, with some paying over $100 apiece to get tri-logo or US versions from Mexico or Canada.

Then, without any warning, Hasbro was able to get this ship out to retail (finally) thanks to a Toys R Us exclusive series of repacked 2011 Class II vehicle 2-packs. When the first reports of lucky collectors finding the Mandalorian Transport packed with a CW Anakin Jedi Starfighter, people were skeptical, but time and photo evidence proved it was no hoax.

Those lucky enough to find one of the Mando Transport 2-packs grumbled a bit about having to buy an Anakin ship they really didn’t need, but most were happy to finally tick this ship off their “want” list that the extra $10-15 didn’t bother them too much (and something tells me Toys for Tots got a lot of Anakin Jedi Starfighters this year).

So, now that I’ve got one in hand, what do I think? Well, for one, it’s a little small and it’s pretty cramped when you try to squeeze your Death Watch troopers in there. They do fit (one of my six-year olds was bound and determine to fill all the seats), but one wonders if maybe they should have used a little artistic license to re-craft this as a 1-2 man fighter with a cockpit with a bit more room.

Final Grade:
I’ll go with a B- here. It was a giant hassle to get (over a year after originally planned) and I had to buy more than I wanted in order to get it. A pretty faithful sculpt, but smaller than I was expecting.

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