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Mini-Review - CW Republic Attack Dropship

It’s time for a JediDefender mini-review by yours truly. This time, I’ll be looking at the 2012 Clone Wars Republic Attack Dropship.
Well it took a while, but the last Class I vehicle set planned for 2012 was the one that finally got me to bite. I passed on the first four prequel based Class I sets because I already had versions of all those repainted vehicles. I passed on the second two sets because of Anakin fatigue and well, the Scuba Clone had some paint-op issues to say the least. But this set? Purchased.

Why this set, you ask? One, it’s a brand new ship sculpt. Two, it has a pack-in Clone Pilot with a new sculpt. And three, it was easy to grab once it popped up on (well, it was easy to grab when it was in-stock anyway).

When this ship first hit, it was pretty hard to find. I was considering blowing it off, but when they came in-stock at Target, I couldn’t resist. (It’s the 5% off and free shipping with my red card.) Now that I have it, I’m glad I bought it.

It’s a fun new design and like a fellow staffer commented, it has a nice organic bug like feel to the design. I’m not sure I’d want to be one of the Clones riding in the passenger jump-seats tucked under the back of the ship, but it’s still a fun ship nonetheless. My only quibble would be that the pilot figure is a bit underscaled. He seems a bit small compared to the rest of the Clone Wars Trooper figures. In addition, the cockpit seems a bit too cramped to get other Clone Wars figures to fit in there.

Final Grade:
I’m going to go with a B+ on this one. It’s a great ship for sure, and I’m looking forward to the 501st blue repaint coming next Spring, but with it being hard to find for most folks and a little underscaled in the pilot/cockpit areas, I can’t go much higher than that.

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