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Mini-Review - 2012 Movie Heroes Naboo Starfighter

It’s time for another JediDefender mini-review by yours truly. This time, I’ll be looking at the 2012 Movie Heroes Naboo Starfighter.
The 2012 Naboo Starfighter - an awesome ship and an extremely frustrating collectible at the same time. To be fair, all of my frustration with this ship has to do with its availability. Mired in Wave 2 of the 2012 Movie Heroes Class II vehicles assortment, the only place to find one was to order a Wave 2 case from an online shop (like Entertainment Earth, which is where I got mine). That’s right, so far it appears that no cases were ever shipped to the regular brick and mortar stores.

Adding to the frustration of many is the fact that the Wave 2 cases have the ”do not put on shelf before the week of January 30, 2012” warnings on them, meaning that these were probably ready to go for the TPM 3D launch last winter and instead sat in Hasbro’s warehouses until the Fall. I guess that means there are a lot of unsold Pod Racers and Sith Infiltrators out there.

Well, enough sad sacking about the same old distribution woes. Let’s talk about the ship, which is completely new. New sliding cockpit, new missile launchers, new hatch for the astromech droid. Tons of new features make this a great second try at the Naboo N1. I’ve plopped both of the new Naboo Pilots and the ‘lil Pilot Anakin figure in there and all fit just fine.

I love the way the new droid socket works. They were really trying to make an excellent example of “prequel geometry” work when it came to the real world (or as real as you can get when talking about Star Wars). It actually looks like a whole droid could really fit into that slot without compromising the sleek lines of the ship. Or at least it looks much more real than the ships in the film made the droid socket seem (though they are still miles better than the astromech droid cheats of AOTC’s starfighters).

Final Grade:
I’ll go with a C- here. A solid A- for the ship, but an F for the distribution. It reminds me so much of the 2011 Mandalorian Shuttle - a great little ship that almost no one will get to enjoy until it resurfaces unexpectedly in a few years.

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